How We Can Help - Scanning

Umango is flexible in how it captures documents and information. If you have lots of paper in boxes then one option is to scan it.

Do you have lots and lots of paper?

There are many ways to acquire documents both in physical form or as electronic files. Umango enables you to acquire documents (scan) flexibly across numerous devices…

Dedicated Document Scanners

Dedicated document scanners are an excellent way of capturing paper based information. From small office to robust high volume dedicated scanners you can connect these using Umango regardless of manufacturer of your scanner – so long as they have an ISIS or TWAIN scanner driver (and most do).

Multifunction Devices (Photocopiers)

Photocopiers are an excellent example of a walk up scanning device and Umango offers a powerful way to connect to these devices, scan and on supported devices even validate the information extracted by Umango on the touch screen of the device. Check with your photocopier manufacturer or make contact with us to find out more how we can help turn your photo copier into a centralized document scanning and data capturing hub.

Image Capture from Mobile and Tablet Devices

They say a picture captures a thousand words…

Capturing photos on a tablet or cell phone is a great way to capture a business process. The problem is these images often stay on the device, are not profiled against important information or pushed into a business workflow.

Umango creates templates of your business processes and can distribute these not only onto your PC and photocopier but also to mobile and tablet devices. Images captured can then be easily applied against these templates and pushed into business workflows without the delay. No more lack of information that often makes this form of capture ineffective.

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