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Go Green with MSA

Our partnerships with our numerous manufacturers address many key areas of concern, including environmental sustainability. Our combined approach to “greening” our products and processes has resulted in practical applications in which we take great pride.

Many of our products have been recognized with numerous independent third-party awards and ratings, including praise for environmental awareness and superior sustainability performance. In our pursuit of ecological awareness, addressed through our company and communities at large, we are setting goals and milestones to reduce environmental burdens in our business activities.

As MSA strives to fulfill this “green” responsibility, customers will discover that green products and processes will help them become more efficient, reduce operating costs, and boost profitability.

We and our manufacturers are globally aligned for this purpose. Our primary hardware suppliers, Canon, EFI, and Kyocera, have made concern for the environment a key driver of their businesses, placing it at the heart of their product design. These suppliers have made a commitment to providing products and services that take into account our need for low-impact living, advancing the goal of lessening CO2 emissions and water and energy consumption.

Our sustainability initiative is in line with our management philosophy that calls for contributions to our customers, our community, and our society.