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One of the best things about living in a post-modern society is the availability of accessible and effective technology, such as digital document management software.

Did you know that an efficient document management system can revolutionize how your business manages its files and documents? In addition to this, it can reduce your company’s carbon footprint and help your staff access priority documents from the comfort of their own computer instead of having to sift through a tedious library of physical records.

We help you understand more about document management systems, including their use, benefits, and application in your business.

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What Is A Document Management System?

Document management systems (DMS) are an effective contemporary solution to help streamline the process of managing, compiling, and tracking digital documents. This includes the management of files originally on paper but converted into an electronic copy through a scanner or similar device.

DMS software is fully digital and must be run on a computer, which is why paper documents need to be converted into electronic media before the document management system can recognize them. But once the files are in the digital software system, they can easily be accessed, edited, and reorganized whenever and however you like. You can even have mobile access when you’re on the go.

Digital document management systems were created to replace the age-old technique of creating, compiling, and storing paper documents in large filing cabinets. Following such a system meant it would potentially take organizations days to find the right document after sifting through a sea of files.

Luckily, the modern DMS solution eliminates the need for physical files and storage cabinets. Instead, all of an organization’s important documents can be accessed with just a few clicks through a computer system.

More Than Just Copier, Printers, Faxes & Scanners

While DMS software typically does require devices like scanners, printers, and the like, these devices only serve to make the DMS software more efficient. They do not embody the system itself but instead allow the interconversion of paper documents into digital files that can be stored in the DMS, and vice versa for when you need a physical copy of the file in your hands.

Our company understands the importance of digital devices like copiers, fax machines, and scanners and values the importance of having an effective DMS system in place that can help make the documents that run through these devices significantly easier to compile and manage. .

Benefits Of A Document Management System

Document management systems do a lot more than just make files more accessible. They can also help your business cut down on organization and management costs and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.
We’ll explore these benefits in more detail below:

Other reasons to consider our managed print services include:

Cost Saving for Companies

Employing DMS software can help your organization cut down on paper and managerial costs. This means that you’ll be paying less for paper because you won’t need as much now that the majority of your company’s documents will be on the computer, in turn leaving you without a need for a document manager to handle and store physical files.

Although the DMS itself will require an initial investment, it doesn’t have a high running cost. It can prove to be extremely affordable in the long run. At most, you’ll be paying for the electricity that runs your company’s computers. Still, this cost is negligible when it comes to DMS software because the computers won’t be running solely to provide DMS access – they will likely be active throughout the day for general office work. They can also be used to access the DMS whenever required.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Traditional document management systems depend upon paper documents, whereas modern digital document management systems, like MSA’s brilliant DMS software, rely upon digital media to preserve company data.

This significantly reduces the need for paper, which is sourced from afforestation. As you know, cutting down trees can leave a lasting negative impact upon the environment, and the industrial production of paper creates massive amounts of carbon dioxide emissions and employs unreasonably large amounts of water for processing. In other words, the production of paper is directly linked to global warming and climate change, so why not eliminate the need for paper altogether, as we have done with our excellent DMS software.

Adopting DMS software can help your company reduce its carbon footprint and create a document management method that is both sustainable and evergreen.

Why MSA Digital?

MSA Digital was founded over 45 years ago and is currently serving in 60 countries. Needless to say, we have a significant amount of experience under our belt. This experience ultimately allows us to provide our clients with the best possible solutions to their document organization problems.

Not only do we provide key office devices like copiers and scanners, but we are also fully equipped with software systems, like the DMS, that can optimize your business’ management methods.

In addition to providing your business with an effective document management system, we will also help you create an efficient web of hardware devices that will help maximize the flow of documents both into and out of the DMS. Our systems offer cloud storage and some automated workflows.

Our team specializes in planning the strategic placement of hardware across the office space to maximize production and utility.
As for software, our top-rated DMS service is designed to provide a comfortable user experience alongside an accessible interface that makes accessing digital documents remarkably convenient.

Furthermore, MSA’s services have received multiple awards in appreciation of our efforts to reduce corporations’ carbon footprint with the help of our brilliant DMS technology. Our hardware is primarily sourced from Canon, EFI, and Kyocera, all of which are sustainable and environmentally aware brands.

Industries We Service

MSA Digital’s DMS systems have proved useful in virtually every business sector, including healthcare, retail, and hospitality. We work with small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.


DMS software is a great way to store patient data, including key documents concerning the patient’s medical background. Such files may be urgently required during an emergency. Thankfully, they can be accessed within seconds through the DMS.

 Transportation & Logistics

Many businesses use our DMS software to track their transportation logistics. Each time a delivery is completed, its status and any additional relevant data can be logged into the DMS system for safekeeping.

Retail & Manufacturing

Retailers find our DMS software extremely helpful for tracking sales and stock. All details pertaining to retail expenditures and earnings can be logged into the DMS for future reference.
Some companies manufacture their retail items. Hence, they prefer to log manufacturing details into the DMS too. These details exist within documents that can be accessed alongside retail-related files as required.

Utilities & Industrial

As we’ve discussed above, DMS software allows companies to effectively organize documents related to company expenditure, sales, employees, and the like. The same applies to the utility and industrial sector companies that need a DMS to help them structure and store these documents in a safe and accessible digital portal.


Hospitality providers find DMS software extremely helpful because it allows them to keep track of their guests. Document management systems can effectively organize files concerning new guests, accommodation records, and any other relevant information.


Our DMS software helps lawyers store client information and case details within a safe and foolproof platform. Legal documents generally need to be protected from prying eyes, which is why our encrypted system the perfect solution.

MSA proudly supports these sectors, as well as the others highlighted above, through our brilliant and foolproof DMS technology. Save time, money and more. Call us today for a free initial consultation.

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