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Canon: A Trusted Partner In Legal
2019 Represents the 17th year that ILTA Members have Ranked Canon the #1 "Photocopier" in the annual ILTA Tech Survey.
Canon considers it an honor to be recognized as #1 by such a discerning industry as legal. We look forward to continue delivering solutions that make us your #1 choice.


In most law firms, paper documents are still the dominant vehicle for storing data. With the advent of new electronic filing requirements in the courts, your manual and paper-based processes may be unnecessarily duplicating work and costing more. Canon can help your firm keep up with technology, while improving your digital workflow and making it easier to use electronic files as the standard process.

Streamline case preparation and discovery

Converting scanned hard-copy case files into editable digital formats

Law firms need to have case files in easy-to-edit digital formats. Your firm can use the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE system’s native scanning and OCR function or Nuance eCopy ShareScan to convert those paper case files into editable Microsoft® Word® or PowerPoint® digital formats.

Quickly assemble documents at your desktop

Cases require materials from many different sources—hard-copy originals, electronic documents, and even social media and other Web sites. With Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Desktop, you can easily organize and combine scanned hard copies and research from the Web, add Bates Number, and separate case documents with a tab.

Streamline case collaboration and distribution

With Canon’s Workflow Composer and Nuance/eCopy ShareScan, you can consolidate lengthy multistep manual processes into a custom, one-touch workflow on Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems. A customized, one-touch prompt can scan, copy, print, fax, and e-mail case documents to a preset distribution list of attorneys, paralegals, clients, and opposing counsel as well as archiving to your document management system.

Safeguard documents and confidential client information

Limiting devices to authorized personnel

With Canon’s Universal Login Manager (ULM) solution, law firms are able to control who has access and is authorized to print, copy, scan, or send client documents from MFPs with PIN code, user ID and password, or card-based authentication.

Control access for security

Canon’s Access Management System allows law firms to assign user roles, depending on predetermined user rights.

Securing document distribution

Law firms can set personalized, custom, one-touch buttons that can be only accessed by authorized and authenticated personnel with Canon’s Workflow Composer, Authorized Send (ASend), or Nuance/eCopy ShareScan. Client documents can be scanned, faxed, e-mailed, and archived to specific, predetermined fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and server-based parameters set by selected users of those personal buttons.

Safeguard client documents during printing

Canon provides driver-based, serverless, and server-based solutions, such as Canon Secured Print, AA-PRINT, and uniFLOW Secure Print, to help ensure that only those legal personnel who authenticate themselves at the device can release and print confidential client case documents.

Auditing and compliance printing

uniFLOW and imageWARE SAM Express help make it possible for law firms that require additional security to meet the demands of federal regulations such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Patriot Act, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and other statutes.

Contain costs and client bill-back

Increasing the efficiency of print management

Canon uniFLOW software gives you total control over your print and scan environments. This allows you to measure and create detailed, accurate reports of all scans, copies, prints, and sent files. Charges can be attributed to individual attorneys, paralegals, user groups, or departments with client, matter, and sub-matter to determine if a client should be charged for that output.

Increase efficiency and reduce costs

Law firms can also limit user access to more efficient MFPs. Law firms can also limit user access and set controls to reroute specific page counts automatically to more efficient MFPs.

Integrating document output with billing solutions

If your law firm is already tracking expenses using Equitrac, Copitrak, nQueue Billback, cost recovery connector, or uniFLOW software, you can seamlessly link your Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE device to these cost-accounting applications. Print and copy expenses can be captured and reported back to your billing system with client, matter, and sub-matter detail.

Manage the move to mobile

Bring your own device (BYOD)

We offer a variety of mobile printing solutions to suit all types of users at a law firm. We can help give you the ability to print directly from your mobile devices, without being logged on to a network-connected computer. This transforms the conventional, multistep printing process of scanning, e-mailing, and printing documents into a single workflow process. Our mobile printing solutions are designed to mitigate the risk of security breaches by utilizing one of two user authentication protocols: authentication to the device directly or server authentication on the network to release a print job. Your IT team can integrate our solutions into your current printing environment, network, current infrastructure or print workflows.


Some law firms, especially those that have minimal or no IT support, have adopted Google Apps. These applications can store forms and basic, non-work product documents onto Google Drive for easy, cloud-based access. We provide direct access to Google Drive™—right from the touch-screen of Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems. Hard-copy documents can be scanned directly to, and printed from, Google Drive, without any additional hardware or software.

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